Beginner Guitar - Complete Series (7 "Perfect" Lessons)

Beginner Guitar - Complete Series (7 "Perfect" Lessons)

When you purchase the Complete Series of Beginner Guitar Lessons you will not only receive a nearly 50% Discount off the total number of lessons, you will have committed to transforming yourself into an excellent guitar player by going through and assimilating all of the techniques, skills and knowledge that is contained within each of these valuable lessons. You will be transformed into a skilled and knowledgeable beginning guitar player EASY, FAST and FUN as you learn all of the following:

Lesson 1 - Finger Picking (picking properly with your fingers) COMMAND AND CONTROL
Lesson 2 - Strumming/Rhythm (open strings, hand mute, bar mute) COMMAND AND CONTROL
Lesson 3 - Using a Pick (picking and strumming properly with a pick) COMMAND AND CONTROL
Lesson 4 - Playing Notes with Chromatic Scales COMMAND AND CONTROL
Lesson 5 - Playing and Naming all of the Notes on all of the Guitar Strings
Lesson 6 - Basic Major Chords: A, B, C, D, E, F, G (open position, bar chords, sharps and flats)
Lesson 7 - I, IV, V Progressions (in the 7 primary keys)

Purchase Any One (1) Of The Above Beginner Guitar Lessons For Just $25. SAVE $41 And Get ALL 7 Beginner Guitar Lessons, A $175 Value, For JUST $99.

You will also discover what the absolute best book is for learning how to read music on the guitar. You will then be well-prepared and ready for Intermediate Guitar, which will transform you even further into preparedness and readiness for Advanced Guitar. It will be EASY, FAST and FUN.

NOTE: You can save $301 By Purchasing ALL 21 GUITAR LESSONS (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) For JUST $249.

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Beginner Guitar - Complete Series (7 "Perfect" Lessons)

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